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Cavity Wall

While cavity wall insulation is a blessing to some homes, many householders are now finding that their cavity wall insulation was not installed properly, or installed in houses which were completely unsuitable for that type of insulation.

Some methods have been used which have proven hazardous over time.  In other cases cavity wall insulation has been wrongly installed in houses which are heavily exposed to the wind and rain, such as coastal properties.

This has led to householders experiencing problems such as:

  • Damp to walls
  • A damp smell in certain rooms
  • Cold spots in certain rooms
  • Condensation in certain rooms
  • Wallpaper falling off the wall in those rooms
  • Mould on furniture or clothing
  • Aggravated breathing problems or asthma

If you believe that you are having any of the problems described, and that cavity wall insulation may be responsible, Absolute Law Solicitors are here to help.

It will help us to help you if you can find any documentation relating to the original installation of the cavity wall insulation, and any repairs since.

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Housing Disrepair

All Landlords, whether a Private Landlord, Housing Association or Local Authority have an obligation to ensure that a tenant’s property is safe and in a reasonable state of repair. Should a property fall into a state of disrepair it may be possible to obtain compensation.

In a valid claim for housing disrepair it is possible to make the following claims:-

  1. The landlord can be compelled to repair
  2. A claim for illness/personal injury can be made and not just for the tenant but for anybody who is living at the property.
  3. A claim for inconvenience, for example, if a tenant cannot enter a part of the house.
  4. Damage to personal items.
  5. Financial loss, e.g. loss of earnings because of ill health.
  6. Reduction of rent or arrears to be offset if there are rent arrears. This may apply for example if there is a part of the house that cannot be used because of a disrepair problem.

Common housing disrepair problems can include damp conditions which might result in breathing difficulties or allergies. It has to be proved that the illness or injury suffered resulted directly from the housing disrepair or that the condition of the property has contributed to or exacerbated an injury or illness that a Claimant was already experiencing.

Damp is only one example of housing disrepair. Other examples might include a leaking roof, rotten woodwork and broken drains.

Should your rented property fall into a state of disrepair it is important to contact your landlord as soon as possible and to allow them a reasonable time to fix the problem. If a landlord refuses to meet their obligations or delays in arranging repairs it may then be possible to claim compensation.

It may also be possible in certain circumstances to pursue a claim even if you are no longer living in the property.

Please contact our specialist lawyers regarding housing disrepair at our offices in Bolton, Lancashire for more information about pursuing a claim for compensation on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis

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